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About me

I'm a professional coach (CPCC) trained in Leadership and an enthusiastic journal writing coach. I'm passionate about guiding clients through their relationship with their past, particularly when abuse has occured, transforming their lives from ordinary to extraordinary.

What clients say...

"Ciel is radiantly confident, exuding love and acceptance. She makes clients feel that the life they have always wanted to live is possible and that it is easier than they ever thought possible to achieve. Ciel brings hope and love back into the communities and lives of those who work with her."

Violette says...

Image of Violette Clark

"Ciel's coaching helped bring me to a point of resolution after beinging in a dark place.

Through clever use of pointed questions and guiding through the use of metaphors Ciel helped me to visualize how I was feeling. Since I'm an artist Ciel asked me to create an illustration around our conversation. I did and Black Balloon is the result.

I underwent a profound shift after the conversation and the creation of the illustration

Letting go of the darkness helped free me up so I could focus on my genius work! Thank you Ciel for your help!"

Violette Clark
White Rock, BC

"I worked with Ciel on a four-week program to transform a deep-seated pattern that I was playing out in my romantic relationships. From the moment we began, Ciel held the space for me to actualize my vision of standing in my authentic power 100% of the time.

Through her simple yet insightful questioning, I was able to quickly shift a "dead weight" from the past and anchor into a more authentic way of showing up in my relationships. Working with Ciel brought me an entirely new experience of myself that brings me significantly closer to having the relationship of my dreams!"

Rosalyn C., Writer and Entrepreneur

"It is my pleasure to share my experience in working with Ciel Ellis. Ciel conducted a journalling session for our Corporate Wellness program. I really wasn't sure how our staff would embrace journalling but right from the time Ciel started the session until the end of the session, staff were engaged and felt that the space created by Ciel was a safe space to share what the journalling exercises triggered for them.

Ciel is great at connecting with her audience and creates a very relaxed and down to earth environment for participants in her workshops. Ciel's passion about what she does is evident in her approach to the material and her ability to connect her personal stories to the material presented. I would not hesitate to recommend Ciel as presenter for your conference. I think the participants will leave with some great tools to use with their clients and with an increased understanding of themselves."

Allison D. City of Richmond

"Ciel Ellis was an awesome coach for me. I first noticed Ciel when she shared her passion for the power of journaling to connect people with who they truly are. Shortly thereafter, I hired her as my coach to support me in moving forward in my own life."

"Throughout the time that we worked together, Ciel’s powerful questions, fierce challenges, gentle presence, and insightful offerings continued to move me into greater connection with the possibilities swirling around my life. I am grateful for the support that I gained from Ciel and still draw learning from the coaching conversations that we shared."

Laurie A.

"I invited Ciel to run a journaling class in my Girl Guide Unit. She was absolutely wonderful. The girls decorated their journals for about 45 minutes and then for over an hour Ciel gave them some writing exercises and talked about how important journaling can be especially if you have a bad day or a fight with your friend and there is no-one you can talk to.

The girls were enthralled and so totally engrossed in the topic. I highly recommend Ciel as a journaling coach for all ages."

Miranda G. - Girl Guide Leader